Quilombola Guruji’s
2019 – Paraíba

The construction of the basic health unit symbolized the quilombola's appropriation of the area, creating a memorial that would not only create relationship to the culture, but also, generate connection with nature.

Nature has always been a big part of cultural activities - As a way of income through agriculture or as a way of survival through conditions observed by the first quilombolas.

There are three distinct moments in the unity project, each of them requires different architectural answers to be able to give the users the best experience possible.

The first is the welcoming, an open and wide space, making it possible to interact with the exterior, the hollow brick wall allows a street view and controls the light incidence. The second is the circulation area between the rooms, it consists of ventilation bricks and natural light avoiding agglomeration. Last but not least is the aseptic wing, composed entirely of exam rooms; which have ground to ceiling windows, responsible for framing the nature outside, turning medical spaces friendly to people who are in sensitive conditions.

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Martin Francisco State School
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Martin Francisco State School
2018 – São Paulo
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