Martin Francisco State School
2018 – São Paulo

Behind big dirt street walls one can find The Martin Francisco State School, even though it occupies basically a whole  block, many residents in the neighborhood don't know about the institution's existence and its architectural value.

The building and its surroundings are Considered a landmark for its architectural, landscape and historical standards. The school represents the concept of a New School of its times, with classrooms, hallways, wide courtyards, blending green areas and Modern Architecture educational principals.

Although there are many attributes to the building, the street walls, are not part of the landmark, and opposite from the featured elements, the structure jeopardize the security sensation around the block, as people are not seen. The proposal suggests the wall replacement by glass windows to bring the garden a wider visual.

The garden has its symbolism crowned by a major fig tree that represents in this proposal the growth the students were provided by the school.

The garden was divided by academic years, giving each student the sense of belonging. As the years pass, the students slowly approach the big tree, where senior year is located, That reminds them of the role of education and the sense of when the yongsters leave highschool, symbolically architecture suggests the students have acquired knowledge to start adulthood.

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2019 – São Paulo
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