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STUDIO MEMM is in constant evolution, collaborating to build a better world. We blend the art of drawing with construction techniques and technology to find solutions that may surprise the modern problems related to living, cohabiting, and interacting with our cities.

Starting from architecture, we operate on different scales of built elements. We partner up with collaborators capable of materializing our constructive and artistic intentions from furniture design, residential, corporative, wellbeing, cultural, educational and institutional architecture, to urban design such as favelas, neighborhoods and villages.

Studio MEMM partners up with people, clients and institutions collaborating for the world’s sustainable development. Together we search for disruptive solutions, and we believe with better design, we help creating a better future.

We strategically count on an internal team of project designers and collaborate with third part team such as designers, engineers, legal consultants, public relations, marketing and administrative, so we can focus and develop our projects the best way possible.

To keep updated on our artistic perception and project originality, we developed our own debate and content platforms (such as Ecoar.q Podcast and books), in which we invite creative people, also interested in sharing thoughts and giving a new step towards the future, inspiring and collaborating to register knowledge open to everyone.

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Since the start of architecture school in 2005, Marcelo noticed how his occupation would help transforming space, society and the world. After preparing for years, academically and professionally he decided to endeavor Studio MEMM as a way to achieve transformations. Marcelo graduated from FAU-Mackenzie, a Brazilian institution known for its emphasis in project techniques and complemented his studies in ENSA-Paris-Val-de-Seine, in France, exploring the artistic side of the old school of Beaux Arts, while also taking the time to visit the continent.

Professionally, Marcelo started in Brazil at Metro Arquitetos for approximately 3 years designing cultural, educational, residential, and urban projects. At Metro Arquitetos he had the opportunity to collaborate on specific projects with Paulo Mendes of Rocha and OMA.

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In 2016, Marcelo graduated from his Master of Science in Advanced Architectural Design at Columbia University, New York, where he expanded his conceptual knowledge, project techniques and fabrications. He also worked at TPG Architecture in the same city, in Retail and Corporate Interiors, this is when Marcelo intensified his perception on the user scale.

In 2018, back in Brazil, he starts Studio MEMM to apply his ideas and beliefs in how to impact architecture and the space we live in. After pandemics, and the Studio consolidation, Marcelo follows two paths in his productions, professional and social works, still, generating architectural records through books and podcasts to influence the world.

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