Change Plaza
2021 - Ferraz de Vasconcelos

The Change Plaza is the second sector to be intervened in Favela dos Sonhos, project idealized in a partnership with Gerando Falcões.

The proposal seeks to find a breather in all the territory complexity. With wooden decks and gardens, we generate rhythm by creating a pattern between the elements, this way giving people a place to rest their minds.

We based the local development in tactical urbanism, bringing light and low impact elements and gaining agility and economy using gabions, interlocked floor, wooden decks, paint, signs, and landscaping.

Besides beautifying and turning the plaza into a pleasant place, the garden is a way of manifesting and teaching respect with the place. When pruned and taken care of, the garden collaborates to make the plaza a cozy place. It also invites people to contemplate the stream, passing nearby.

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