Pool Tent
2021 – Paraty

During the summer season, beach houses usually have their external areas used daily during mornings and afternoons. The garden, which already had a pool and a gazebo area, was a very nice place to spend the day, however the users missed a cozy space that could protect them from the sun while they enjoyed the outdoors.

In this beachfront house, the choice of using a tent brought sea elements to land. Projecting through parametric architecture, Studio MEMM turned the tent into a sculpted element, giving the membrane a twisted effect which simulates the wind moviment.

Installed in a dry area of the garden, the tent brings simplicity and a sea atmosfere, having a similar shape of a sailboat.

The system was made through architecture software and environmental confort, while also paying attention to multiple details, like the sun positions throughout the day, to provide the best thermal adaptations.

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