House ONE
2022 - Render

House ONE represents a new moment of Studio MEMM, exploring the spatiality of architecture in its linear with art, also evaluating the constructive techniques that allow the development of design.

The concept emerged from the contemplation about the ways of living and the division of the intimate and social space.

With this in mind our Studio began to question the traditional and started thinking about how to develop a house where private and public spaces merged, creating connections between isolated rooms, but keeping when necessary a more reserved place.

Studio MEMM has created a home that consists of visual connections between all environments. Consequently, the entirety of the house creates a relationship with the external, with water mirrors and internal gardens, spatiality has been filtered by elements that refer to its surroundings bringing the mixture of open and closed, social spaces and intimate.

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Taipa House
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Taipa House
2022 - Render
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