Taipa House
2022 - Render

The Taipa House started with the concept of preservation of the forest, incorporating nature in the house and building without impacting the vegetation drastically, creating openings in the structure the allows the trees and plants to grow through the spaces and not be affected.  Specific materials were used so nature and landscape would be brought to the inside of the house.
Its name comes from the material used in the walls, which are coated with Taipa. With an uneven ground, and not wanting to alter the shape, the house is built in levels, the most part being suspended by pilars and some Taipa walls which strengthens the structure. In the empty, suspended areas, the vegetation takes charge.
The lake enters as an element that helps the construction of a balance between the natural and the built environment. The colors of the Taipa are reflected in the dark water of the lake, referencing the natural elements, blending with the landscape, and the pool hangs over the lake without touching it, bringing a strong presence in the house, without harming nature.
The interior space is composed of nature, around the living area elements of vegetation can be seen all around, either at the height of the eyes, or looking up, where we see the natural elements of great size, or descending the eyes where we see nature under the feet, through the glass floor, bringing this relationship of the user with the natural even within the built space.

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House ONE
2022 - Render
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