Community Center
2021 - Ferraz de Vasconcelos

Studio MEMM oversaw the planning of the favela, introducing four sectors, living spaces and later the architectural projects for the area. The project was idealized and supervised by Gerando Falcões (an NGO that operates in the outskirts of Brazil with the mission of transforming favela poverty into museum pieces) reunited with TETO and Biosaneamento besides articulating public power in the community transformation.

The sector one, was the first sector to be intervened. In this space, TETO was in charge of building the community center, the place where activities, classes and guidance is offered, in the exterior side of the community center the walls have beautiful drawings, its where the living area takes place, which was projected by Studio MEMM.

The area facade was cemented, introducing stairs and a ramp, to make the access easier. A big vehicle entrance was also introduced for the garbage collecting. Outside of the community center, a playground and a court were built where the kids could play freely.
The grass was replaced by the stairs and a bleacher, a place the community could organize events and meetings, but also to be a comfortable place to reunite with friends and spend some time.

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