Atins, a sustainable tourism
2021 - Maranhão

Studio MEMM  researched about how to generate a healthier tourism in small villages throughout Brazil. Initially a survey was done requiring architecture and urbanism in big cities, without giving smaller places the attention it deserved, the survey took place in São Paulo, taking in consideration (marginal não sei em ingles), old industrial areas, train tracks, the Favela do Moinho and under viaducts.

After that, the survey was done in small cities and villages, which, affected by tourism, ended up having a much higher demand than it can support. These places evolution depends on financial motivation brought by tourists and seasonal population’s needs. From satellite images, we were capable of analyzing territorial expansion (constructions and air system) of Jericoacoara of 35%, São Miguel dos Milagres 60% and Atins 55% in the last 15 years. In Atins, some reflections from construction growth can be seen, like the strip of sand erosion caused by restinga logging.

However, because it’s a small village, it becomes a good area to investigate tourism and health development solutions. Besides the large mangrove areas protecting the river from the village transport routes, analysis found a dense axis road creating contrast with empty land spaces. With a portion to consolidate. The contrast caused by the empty land spaces and main roads, can become a preservation opportunity. With the deepening of the subject, we’ll be able to best comprehend how the region works and, in the future, elaborate a sustainable planning proposal.

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