3D Favela
2021 – São Paulo

In collaboration with Gerando Falcões and Teto, Studio MEMM took part in the Favela dos Sonhos revitalization process. It was organized multiple meetings, dynamics and research in the community, so that a project was elaborated according to the residents' needs.

At the diagnostic process in the favelas, it was clear there were no public spaces of permanence. Every vacant space is appropriated by residents and turned into houses and private plots. The unwanted voids become garbage disposal, turning it into unsafe and unpleasant spaces. As a way to balance such scenario, four main locations were selected, according to use frequency, to generate transformation zones. Sprawl through the territory, Each of them four, would relate to that section of the favela, benefiting both the entire community and also, those who live around the such space.

To each of these areas, Studio MEMM brought project solutions that encourage residents to build up community sense, in which they would participate in group activities. Also taking advantage of the territory features, like steepness and surroundings, design created contemplation spaces, sports courts, gathering spots, playgrounds and more.

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