Poétika Space
2018 – São Paulo

Poétika is theatrical and movie production studio. The space was and it was originally a parking garage, resulting in curious reminiscent beams and new mezzanine structures. Poétika required a project capable of stimulating theatrical and movie creation, involving scripts, production and direction, and the aim was for the space to supporting creative team meetings, to auditions in which artists and directors could perform readings and rehearsals all at Poétika. Besides the creative possibilities, the space should considerer regular meeting and working spaces and a small catering area.

The space oriented by the wooden bleachers' geometry, connects the lower floor to the mezzanine, giving the space that element theater and cinema can't live without, the audience.

Following Poetika’s request, the bleachers are detachable; this way the position can change depending on the event and its content. The woodwork was fundamental to ensure the weight balance, giving it mobility and stability.

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Shiver Stool
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Shiver Stool
2019 – São Paulo
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