Studio MEMM
2019 – São Paulo

STUDIO MEMM first placed at a coworking space has moved in 2020 to its own office space located in Itaim Bibi, São Paulo. The interior was designed to allocate the team production and studio culture. Still also welcoming clients, external collaborators and friends.

This way, the welcoming 270 square feet space, with bathroom and multiple cabinets, seeks to provide for the workers everything they may need.

The space was conceived to have two workstations and a meeting table for four users, being possible to fit five or six people comfortably, if needed.

The small white cabinets may turn into seats, which creates the possibility to have quick and practical conversations, maintaining an informal and nice atmosphere in the office. Virtual reality sensors were installed, so clients can experience from models to three dimensional and digital sort of representations of architecture.

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Pool Tent
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Pool Tent
2021 – Paraty
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