E.S.M.F Architectural survey
2018 – São Paulo

Estadual School Martim Francisco is located in Vila Nova Conceição, known as a noble area in São Paulo, built way before the neighborhood reach it’s status.  The walls around the school, occupying an entire block, guarantee safety, preservation, and isolation from the outside.

Studio MEMM’s work aim in highlighting the architectural value and landscape of the area, explaining about the community’s engagement with the institution, and exemplifying how the relationship between the school and the neighborhood can generate positive effects in education.

The school is considered an architectural, landscaping, and historical public patrimony. The infrastructure state is admissible when compared to other institutions of public education, with preserved tributes from decades ago, like the wooden piano and cabinets and old furniture. These and many other characteristics were taking in consideration for the school preservation by CONPRESP.

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