Chaise Nimbus
2022 – São Paulo

Chaise Nimbus is the result of Studio MEMM’s search for leap design towards a new moment, while using sensibility to answer to people necessities.

Starting as an inflatable project, Studio MEMM believed this could also lead to an architectural commencement. However, during the process, the chaise initially and complexly projected to have inflatable cylindric seats, a metallic structure, and an air circulation to inflate the system, started to approach human ergonomic by transforming the pieces into something comfortable, with specific fabrics, cushions and wood. This way, balancing innovation, and sensibility.

The name Nimbus comes from the resemblance to the clouds and their eternal mutations, through the cushions and structure variations, it brings flicking and transforming sensations. Beyond its form, the design process was also a continuous evolution reinforcing such relation.

Furthermore, Marcelo believes that besides inspiring the union of the cushions, the cloud particles agglomerations inspire people’s union as well. These spheres are connected in a way that makes it possible to sit or lay in several different positions, allowing from a single user to a group of people to sit comfortably. Finally, the wood structure has only four points touching the ground, making the surface “float” almost entirely, as a cloud would do up in the skies.

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