Shiver Stool
2019 – São Paulo

We live a moment in which the western urban culture is getting used to practicing exercises and meditation techniques that increase the body perceptions and its presence in the world and space. Sensations are transcending the physical matter. Following this concept, the Shiver Stool is more a sensation than an object itself.

Shiver is a feeling induced by stimulation that surprises the body, it's the sensation of an exciting discomfort. In this project, observers take a while discovering what the piece is - a stool. It brings a strange curiosity, which makes people keep staring at it. Figuring out such strange object, unrelated but yet, with a balanced and pleasant composition. Just like the shivers, we might enjoy and avoid at the same time. The balance of uncertainty and pleasure. Although uncertain of its shape, shiver Stool gets people connected starring, urderstanding enjoying, debating or hating its composition.

The Shiver Stool serves as a reminder of a state of mind and body. Not only its perception, but also the form represents the shiver itself. The geometry originates in a central sphere, which represents the body internally, the wood sticks located concentrically over the sphere, aiming towards the ground and air, represent the state of shivers, sensing the world around us. This piece reminds us that is our eyes are just a window connecting our sensorial body to what surround us.

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