Long Bench
2016 – New York

Long bench is a furniture design inspired by architecture. The first element, the straight line represents the purity and simplicity of brazilian architecture, or the traditional and simple way of sitting (away from the ground).

The second element, Curve, had a very complex confeccion, it represents the search to find and spread a new architecture and sitting position.

As the straight elements remain far from the ground, relating to the way people keep distance from the ground, the curved elements approach the ground connecting the floor and the design piece, suggesting a new and lower way of sitting, closer to the ground, relating people’s memories, bringing new and old sensations.

The fabrication process entirely in wood is composed by straight elements, 2,40 meters long (slats) and curved ones, on laminated wood (ribs), both made of freijó. The wood finishing garantees the final aspect, soft and reflexive.

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