Apartment NFVS
2022 – São Paulo

The apartment is located in a new building in Vila Madalena, the neighborhood and also the artsy clients profile helped incorporating a contemporary and relaxed atmosphere to the project conception, such as colored spaces, different materials, textures and a fluid conexion between living areas.

The materials, textures and colors chosen for furniture, woodwork and  hydraulic tile, grant the apartment a refreshing atmosphere.

To bring lightness and connection between rooms, a space called “Breathing stripe” was created. Such space works like the extension to the main social area, connecting and amplifying the living room, kitchen and the office.

Besides that these Breathing stripe functions on its own, being used as a resting space accommodating hanging chairs or even a play spot for kids, performing as a stage when having people over for a music night, or murals, for children exhibitions.

One of the bathrooms was incorporated to the master bedroom, becoming a spa, the original doors to the bathroom and spa were substituted by floor to ceiling glass doors which augmented the bedroom spatial perception.

The kids bedroom would gather the two daughters and a very specific bunker bad design had to functionally and aesthetically solve for the toddlers. A playful and colorful space was created and needed several iterations to the point it was precise to the parents eyes.

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Sportheca Campus
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Sportheca Campus
2021 – São Paulo
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