CR Apartment
2022 – São Paulo

CR Apartment is a duplex located in Vila Madalena divided into, lower floor - with intimate areas, kitchen and dining room - and top floor - where one will find living, dining rooms. With limited footage divided in two floors, the main challenge was to make a transformation that would make rooms wider, mainly in spaces with divisions for privacy.

On the lower floor, the key was to use sliding doors, allowing three different spaces to become one joined space - dining room, office and reading room - this way creating amplitude, making it  welcoming.

The flexibility provided by the doors allows different interactions between the rooms, according to the family's needs.

The top floor brings multiple possibilities, being a 100% open space, dividing only the outdoors from the indoors. The stairs lead directly to the TV room, connected with the dinning room and living room, becoming the perfect place to welcome friends and family. In the outdoors area, a pool and grill bring leisure programs to the apartment, creating a light atmosphere for the young client.

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