Apartment AA
2020 – São Paulo

The big goal in apartment AA was to expand space, merging the old smaller rooms and generating a more comfortable apartment as opposition to the city evolution, that increasingly offers tighter spaces. Making a wider plan than the original was necessary, but responding to the new program was a challenge.

What was once four rooms, became two connected larger areas: a living room and a kitchen.

Wood and metalwork are the elements that create different identities in the two spaces, bringing the possibility of privacy or connection between them.

This setting also expands the interaction with the exterior, with the view permeating through the apartment.

To create comfort, lighting design was essential and merged with woodwork to generate levels of light and shades, responsible for a charming and cozy sensation as the night falls.

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Apartment NFVS
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Apartment NFVS
2022 – São Paulo
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