Farm School
2015 – New York

The Farm School in Manhattan is about rethinking the city. Stimulating future generations to look at their surroundings from a new perspective, by blending cities and the natural environment.

Touching the soil, increasing manual tasks, generating local and alternative economy by producing and experimenting new eating standards in a boxed and fast-food era, this are only a few benefits of this endeavor. However, the architecture for such porpoise can not be the same as an urban farm nor a typical school.

The urban farms need to adapt to a new model, where the production welcomes not only the producers but also the public, increasing interaction and interest for this type of program.

On the other hand, schools gain new opportunities to operate unused spaces, and create hybrid situations of classroom and production areas or even new ideas can stand out in the educational process.

A new way and space to enjoy class breaks, where students interact by farming and harvesting, with plenty of space for the sun to penetrate and nature stand out even inside the building!

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Chaise Nimbus
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2022 – São Paulo
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